The Everything Else Show – Now Part of Podcast UFO Live

Shows will no longer be on Monday nights. Starting December 2017, shows will be part of Podcast UFO Live, and hosted on Wednesdays at 8-10:00PM EST. Podcast UFO Live shows will mostly focus on the UFO topic, other than once a month when shows will delve into other topics such as The Everything Else Show explored.

Shows will be part of a free podcast (for 55 minutes) found at as well as full 115 minute shows for members who support us for only $2 a month or more. Check out Support the Show.

Thank you!

Martin Willis, Host


11-06-17 J.W. Ocker, Odd Things I Have Seen

Monday, November 6th, at 9:00PM EST, YouTube Live Stream

J.W. Ocker is the award-winning author of Poe-Land, A Season with the Witch, The New England Grimpendium, and The New York Grimpendium, and has written for an array of outlets including, Rue Morgue, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Atlas Obscura, and the Boston Globe. His OTIS site ( chronicles his visits to various oddities of culture, art, history, and nature throughout the world. His next book is a spooky middle-grade novel about a New England funeral home.