04-24-2017 Randall Carlson, The World is Our Classroom

Monday, April 24th at 9:00PM EST, Video YouTube Live Stream

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. He has 4 decades of study, research and exploration Into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, has been an active Freemason for 30 years and is Past Master of one of the oldest and largest Masonic lodges in Georgia. He has been recognized by The National Science Teachers Association for his commitment to Science education for young people.

The acclaimed 1997 TBS/CNN documentary “Fire from the Sky” was based upon his research into Earth change and catastrophic events. He has organized several dozen field expeditions documenting evidence for catastrophic earth change. He has received academic recognition for outstanding work as a student of geology. His work incorporates Ancient Mythology, Astronomy, Earth Science, Paleontology, Symbolism, Sacred Geometry and Architecture, Geomancy, and other arcane and scientific traditions. For over 25 years he has presented classes, lectures, and multimedia programs synthesizing this information for students of the Mysteries.

Randall is uniquely qualified to interpret the hidden meaning of the great masterpieces of mystical architecture, as well as esoteric and occult ritual and symbolism. It is his aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution.
SOURCE: http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/randall-carlson

Show Notes: Steve Avery Case Update, April 17, 2017

Update & Show Notes

by Michael Griesbach

One year after Making a Murderer’s debut, with renewed vigor thanks in large part to the world-wide attention lavished upon their clients by the series, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s lawyers continue to fight for their release. As the cases slowly grind their way on separate tracks through courts of law, their guilt or innocence continues to be vigorously debated in the court of public opinion, with no small amount of incivility in some quarters greeting every morsel of news.

Hopes for Dassey’s release were dashed just last week when a federal appeals court in Chicago blocked a lower court’s order granting his release on bond pending appeal. So confident was Dassey’s mother in his imminent homecoming that she scurried to raise funds for clothes that would fit the considerably larger frame of her seventeen year old son transformed into a twenty-six year old man while spending a decade in prison.

Although it was the back story of Avery’s previous wrongful conviction and his complicated personality that drew millions of Netflix viewers to Making a Murderer, Dassey’s confession and the interrogation methods used to elicit it have more deeply touched a public nerve, at least for now. His case is also moving faster in court. A federal magistrate in Milwaukee ruled three months ago that his confession was involuntary, that the police went over the line in their interrogation given his age and intellectual limitations, and that his statements had to be suppressed. There is some additional evidence that he participated in criminal activity in connection with Teresa Halbach’s murder, but without his confession, a new conviction for rape and murder is an unlikely bet. The state has appealed the magistrate’s decision, and the case is now before a three judge panel at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals – the same Court that recently blocked his release on bond.

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04-17-2017 Michael Griesbach, Prosecutor Steven Avery Case (Making a Murderer)

Monday April 17th, 9:00PM EST, Video YouTube Live Stream

Michael Griesbach, author of “Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach and ‘Making a Murderer,’” told TheWrap that the Netflix docuseries makes for compelling television, but is wittingly misleading. “I do have a lot of respect for the scale and hard work — it’s an engrossing show or series and it’s very well done,” Griesbach said. “I know they are well intentioned, but what I don’t have respect for is presenting something as objective and claiming its objectivity while clearly knowing it isn’t.” Source: http://www.thewrap.com/making-a-murde…

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04-09-17 Steven Callahan, Adrift 76 Days Alone at Sea, a Story of Survival

On Location-Sunday, April 9th at 2:00PM EST Video YouTube Live Stream

On location, Steven Callahan discusses the inside story on what it was like being alone at sea day after day, not knowing if he could possibly survive. So many things at play could have doomed him, yet he kept on a moment at a time. He talks about the harrowing experience, and how he now views life through a filter.

Steven Callahan’s survival in a life raft in the Atlantic Ocean, which lasted 76 days, was a staggering ordeal alone at sea in an inflatable raft. His survival is a near miracle, he hung on and was determined it was not his time. His book, Adrift is a memoir of the event: http://amzn.to/2lvDp1e

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04-03-2017 Leslie Kean, Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife

Monday, April 3rd at 8:00PM EST, Video YouTube Live Stream

Leslie Kean discusses her new book, “Surviving Death” and her deep research into whether we survive or not in consciousness after death.  “While exploring the evidence for an afterlife, I witnessed some unbelievable things that are not supposed to be possible in our material world. Yet they were unavoidably and undeniably real. Despite my initial doubt, I came to realize that there are still aspects of Nature which are neither understood or accepted, even though their reality has profound implications for understanding the true breadth of the human psyche and its possible continuity after death.” So begins Leslie Kean’s impeccably researched, page-turning investigation, revealing stunning and wide-ranging evidence suggesting that consciousness survives death. In her groundbreaking second book, she continues her examination of unexplained phenomena that began with her provocative New York Times bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. Kean explores the most compelling case studies of young children reporting verifiable details from past lives, contemporary mediums who seem to defy the boundaries of the brain and of the physical world, apparitions providing information about their lives on earth, and people who die and then come back to report journeys into another dimension. Based on facts and scientific studies, Surviving Death includes fascinating chapters by medical doctors, psychiatrists, and PhDs from four coun- tries. As a seasoned journalist whose work transcends belief systems and ideology, Kean enriches the narrative by including her own unexpected, confounding experiences encountered while she probed the question concerning all of us: Do we survive death? SOURCE: http://amzn.to/2n0pVrd